All-heat, vacuum cool or mixed flow dryers. If your goal is fuel efficiency or grain quality, we have a dryer to fit your needs.

Brock offers Lo-profile dryers with all heat and vacuum cool modes. 250–1150 bushels per hour.

MC offers Lo-profile dryers with all heat mode. 250–550 bushels per hour. Modular tower dryers with vacuum cool mode. 400–3000 bushels per hour.
NECO offers mixed flow, screen-less dryers with multiple heat and cool zones. 200–2500 bushels per hour.
Dryer Master is an industry leader in moisture sensing and automatic moisture controls that can be integrated into new or existing dryers.
DMC's Stir-Ators can turn any bin into a dryer. Ideal for smaller operations and where grain quality is critical.


On farm storage that saves you time & money.
Brock offers on farm and commercial storage bins from 3,000 to 1,500,000 bushels; and hopper bins from 200 to 58,000 bushels. Brock also manufactures fans, burners, spreaders, unloads and aeration floors.
Meridian offers welded hopper tanks for feed, seed, grain, fertilizer, and commercial use.


Simplify your life—and your system—with controls designed for your unique needs.

• Moisture and temperature sensors
• Grain level sensors
• Remote access and internet monitoring
• Wireless remotes for equipment starting and stopping
• Rotation sensing on legs and drags
• Amp sensing on equipment
• Top Dry retrofits with auto dump and auto flow
• Automatic grain transfer protocol to eliminate accidental mixing of grain
• Variable speed drives and motor controls

Multico is an industry-leading manufacturer of customized automation control panels that will simplify the operation of your grain-handling or feeding systems. KLFS is their only Central and Eastern Ontario dealer and will work with you to design panel that will meet your unique needs.


Elevators, conveyors, auger systems, sweeps & vacs. Get your product where it needs to go.
RAD offers a complete line of on-farm and light commercial grain handling equipment up to 10,000 bushels per hour.
Riley offers a complete line of commercial grain handling equipment up to 20,000 bushels per hour
LeMar Industries constructs an industry-leading line of standard and custom fabricated steel catwalks and towers.

Walinga offers a full line of pneumatic blowers including PTO, electric and self- contained diesel units. Electric drive units offers a very cost effective and flexible way to transfer grain off a dryer to long term storage bins.

Meridian offers a complete line of augers, conveyors, seed and fertilizer tenders.

For over 60 years Westfield has developed and refined the finest grain augers available and as a result, Westfield has grown to be the number one portable grain auger manufacturer in North America.

From dairy to swine, AP offers flexible, low maintenance and reliable feeding systems to accommodate the specific needs of any operation.  We carry a wide range of feed and flex auger parts in stock to keep customers going.


Elevators, conveyors, auger systems, sweeps & vacs. Get your product where it needs to go.
Denis offers a combination rotary screen cleaner and aspirator that offers various modes of cleaning. From aspirating to precleaning and scalping.
The Magik Kleener gravity grain cleaner is a simple cost effective way to reduce foreign material in your grains.
The Walinga Grain Cleaner removes dust, red dog and fines while transferring corn to storage.
The RAD air cleaner can be installed on the boot of your leg to easily remove red dog, dust and bean pods. RAD fans can be installed in various locations to remove dust and red dog.