Our first priority is servicing the equipment we sell. During the harvest season we are on call 24/7 and have a large inventory of parts to get you up and running quickly. Don’t just take our word for it; talk to our customers and find out what their experience has been.

We service:
• various brands of dryers
• motors and motor controls
• elevator legs
• drag and belt conveyors
• augers and u-troughs
• pneumatic conveyors

We also offer scheduled maintenance packages customized to your facility to help avoid costly breakdowns.


From a single on-farm storage bin to a complete commercial system, we have equipment available to fit your unique needs. Suppliers are chosen for their ability to provide the after-sales service that our business is built around. And we work with manufacturers to custom build equipment that is not “off the shelf”.

We offer:
• storage bins from 3,000 to 650,000 bushels
• on-farm handling equipment up to 10,000 bph
• commercial handling equipment up to 20,000 bph
• leg support towers and overhead catwalks
• air transfer systems
• in-bin grain drying systems
• continuous flow dryers from 250 bph—4,800 bph


We don’t want to just sell you equipment, we want to partner with you to design a system or select a piece of equipment that fits your unique needs. Ease and capacity of receiving and shipping product, level of automation, and the quality of the end product are all things that must be considered. We listen to your needs and work with you to achieve those goals. Once a system is designed, we can provide complete and accurate pricing. And because we can offer a turnkey project, our pricing minimizes the costly “extras” that are typically associated with a building project.


No need to call an electrician to wire your new equipment. Using ESA approved electricians we can look after all the electrical work required, right from the initial contact with your hydro supplier to all the service required after a system is up and running. We have inventory on hand to ensure we can work efficiently; and much of the equipment can be prewired before installation, greatly reducing overall labour costs.

We can provide:
• new hydro services, including all contact with ESA and your hydro supplier
• diesel and natural gas generators
• automated, user friendly control panels with remote access capabilities
• complete system wiring including buildings, lighting and scales


We are there, right from when a site is decided on, to when the final bolt is put in place. With the help of our hardworking employees and subcontractors, you won’t need to call anyone else. We have the proper tools and equipment on site to build from the ground up and make the building process as seamless and efficient as possible. By controlling the building process we can also ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.


Our involvement continues after the construction process is completed. We are there to make sure all your equipment is running properly, and that you are comfortable with the operation of your new system. And we will ensure you are satisfied with the final outcome of your project, making any changes necessary to make that happen.